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My name is Jens Pitkänen, on the fediverse I go by Neon. I'm a math student at the University of Helsinki, and a self-taught programmer. During my (fairly limited) free time, I make games and virtual realities. On the experimental side, I'm currently exploring functional programming and federated social media.

I'm a programmer, so if you're thinking of hiring me (or just interested), here's a neat list of the programming languages, frameworks, game engines, and tools that I have mentionable experience with.

Go-to languages/tools: Rust, C#, Unity, Unreal Engine 4

Used extensively in the past: Java, HTML/CSS/JS, Scala, OpenGL 3.3+

Most of the projects I've released are available on As I release my projects under free software licenses, you can find the sources on my GitHub and my private Git. Here are the highlights:

- Solitude, a VR tribute to Shelter

- Neon Fishing, my first released VR project

This site is verified to be in my possession on Keybase. I frequently post opinionated and unprofessional notices on the fediverse, at You can contact me through email, at This page agrees that simple web is cute.

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