My name is Jens Pitkänen, on the fediverse I go by Neon.

I study mathematics at the University of Helsinki, and I've been writing games and game-adjacent software since 2011.

For a quick overview of my creations, see the Creations section.

For a complete list, see the archive.

The archive has a filter system, which you can also use to get an overview of technologies I'm familiar with.


I release games and game-adjacent projects on

I strive to release my code in accordance with the four freedoms, as defined by the FSF. My code lives on,, and GitHub/neonmoe.

Here are some notable examples of my work:


Mention on the fediverse for quick replies.

You can also send email to, but expect a slower reply.

My PGP public key can be found on Keybase.

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