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Most of the projects I've released are available on As I release my projects under free software licenses, you can find the sources on my Git server and archive. Here are the highlights: Solitude, a VR tribute to the Shelter music video Neon Fishing, my first released VR project AI-Bot Problem, a well rated puzzle game (in Ludum Dare terms)>

This site is verified to be in my possession on Keybase. I post opinionated and unprofessional notices on the fediverse, at You can contact me through email, at
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This is the bragging list for stuff I know something about. Not a very brag- worthy list, admittedly, but here it is.
The list™: Unity, Unreal Engine 4, Godot Engine, Java, C#, Rust, JavaScript, TypeScript, OpenGL (3.3+), A-Frame, Phaser, LibGDX, LWJGL, Blender, MagicaVoxel>>

My name is Jens Pitkänen, on the fediverse I go by Neon. I'm a math student at the University of Helsinki (from 3183 YOLD onwards), and a self-taught game programmer (from 3177 YOLD onwards). Sometimes I write games and game- adjacent software. I upload those to my Git and>